Becoming A 6-Figure Realtor® Just Got Easier

Generate 5 - 10+ Client Appointments Per Month
By Simplifying Your Marketing

Marketing Tech Done For You

Marketing Strategy Planning

Live Support 1-on-1 And Group

Even if you work for the best
Real Estate Company in the country,
you'll lose business to an inferior competitor
if they communicate more clearly than you.

Realtors® that

  • 1

    Simplify Their Marketing

  • 2

    Attract A Specific Audience

will thrive in the marketplace!

Stop wasting time on outdated marketing strategies that don't work today

Stop wasting money on expensive marketing strategies that you can't even tell if they convert into a lead or sale

Stop feeling overwhelmed because of all the technology "stuff" there is to do

Get Everything You Need To
Have People Asking You For Help

By simplifying your marketing, you will:


With Proven Marketing
Strategies That Work


Know What IS Working
& What Is NOT Working


Because You're Tech
Will Be Easy

Generating Qualified Appointments Shouldn't Be This Hard


That's Why We've Developed A Program That Makes It Easy For You

Select A Profitable Niche

Attracting a specific group of like minded people will go a LONG way to help you simplify your marketing.  

As marketers we always say "If you're marketing to everyone, no one will hear you."

So, by being specific with who you want to work with, you can create a message that will resonate with them.  

You do that by knowing their problems, and providing solutions to them.

Now, keep in mind, that just because you're marketing to a specific group of people, that doesn't mean you can't work with people outside that group.  You WILL get referrals!


Solve Their Problems

So, when you can anticipate the problems "swirling" around in someone's mind, and talk to them about those problems, they will be attracted to you.

As part of picking your niche, we'll identify the issues that you know your audience has, and design your solutions that you'll offer.

People will want the solutions.  We know this because if they haven't had their issue(s) solved yet, they will keep searching. 

That's where you come in.  Be their solution provider, and you will be rewarded.

Offer Them An Opportunity

Once you've helped someone with free information that solves their problem(s), offer them an opportunity to work with you.

Yes, I said that right. 

Position yourself strong in this relationship with them.  You'll gain and keep control of the conversation and be able to guide them where they want to go anyway.

And, we'll automate your scheduling process, as much as possible, to make it easy for you and them.

Get Your Tech Done For You

We completely understand that you want to be a Realtor®, not an IT specialist or a technology guru. 

That's why we're going to do all your "tech stuff" for you.  

We'll get you set up and running, then support you until you're comfortable operating it all.

You can have "peace of mind" knowing that your system is complete and fully functional.

Then, ongoing changes and additions become super easy.  We're just a phone call away!

Stop Begging People To Let You Help Them...
It Should Be The Other Way Around

Implementing The Realtor® Operating System
Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3 ...


Schedule Your
Strategy Call


We Build Your
Marketing System


Watch Your
Business Explode

Free Course ($497 Value)

How To Get 5 - 10+ New Client Appointments Per Month

What Do Our Clients Say?


I had a technical project that I needed help with. Keith did an AMAZING job steering me in the right direction and helped me create an outstanding project! He’s very knowledgeable, creative and caring!I highly recommend Keith


Sue E


I loved how detailed the instructions were from Keith. Keith will make you think, as to how to create pages to attract interest to the potential customer.


Sherri H


I really appreciated the big picture view of a marketing system AND the specifics of how to do it simply.


Wendy F

About Keith

Expert Funnel Builder, Marketer, and Course Creator.

Keith has worked as a professional speaker/trainer since 1995.  He's taught thousands of people on lot's of topics.  Since 2015 he's been an avid student of digital marketing and has a coaching practice helping others launch and grow their businesses.  He's worked with and built marketing systems in Network Marketing, Ecommerce, Coaching, Consulting, Couse Creators, Recruiting, Cyber Security, and Authors.  A close personal relationship highlighted the real struggle that Realtors face.  So, determined to help, he's shifted focus to the Real Estate industry, and is passionate about helping Realtors grow their businesses.  He'll help you take your business to the next level, whatever that may be for you.

Keith has mentors.  Just like you should because they help you collapse time.  Finding the people who help you in the way you need is really important.  His mentors include folks like Jordan Mederich, Frank Kern, Pedro Adao and Steve J. Larsen, among others.

With a fresh perspective, Keith proudly brings the best practices of today to the world of Real Estate, and is committed to helping Realtors everywhere break through their current barriers.


Are You Ready To Collapse Time?

"If you only let your learning lead to knowledge, you're a fool. Let it lead to action."
- Tony Robbins

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